Eager to Improve Your Hand Lettering Skills?

Photo Credit: Sean McCabe

Photo Credit: Sean McCabe

Hand Lettering can be defined simply as “the art of drawing letters.” What I find most interesting about the art, is that the designer has the freedom to add their own personality to the design.  Sean McCabe, owner of “Seanwes” launched a series of courses on hand lettering that grossed six figures within 3 days of launching—you could say he know what he’s talking about.  He wrote a list called “25 Things To Know About Hand Lettering.” The list is for aspiring Hand Letterers to learn the mistakes McCabe made as a young designer.  Based on Sean’s list, I chose 3 things from his list that stood out to me the most.

1.     Hand Lettering gives you a platform to share a message.

No matter what the words say, gorgeous lettering catches the attention of most readers. 

2.    You’ll only improve by doing.

It might be cliché, but practice makes perfect! One of the greatest feelings for me is to see the progression of my work. It’s important to remember that everyone has to start somewhere.

3.     Hand Lettered words might get likes, but hand lettered messages get shared.

Social media is a great platform for hand letterers to professionally present their work for free. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Behance are great examples. Like most hand letterers, I obsess over the letters more than the words; but the hand letterers aren’t the target market. If you only gain their attention, it won’t result in much (if any) exposure.

Credit: Haley Drummond - Instagram: @haleydrummond